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helping families find their path to  prosperity

What’s in a name?

The Community Foundation for Financial Literacy is now RIGHTPATH!  

The Community Foundation for Financial Literacy is a grass-roots nonprofit based in Atlanta Georgia.  We focus our activities and efforts on supporting and helping families become financially self-sufficient.  Our goal is to help families move to a path of financial prosperity.

Our programs and activities will be marketed via the new name of “RightPath”.  Our RightPath suite of programs and activities are all aimed at supporting the family  - from helping parents understand the importance of saving early for their child’s future education to assisting them in creating plans that will ensure their families financial well-being.  We support elementary-age students find the appropriate after-school, out-of-school or in-school support programs that best meets their needs to helping to provide an early college savings account  - We are dedicated to ensuring the entire family is moving in the right direction.  

We design programs that work with the entire family unit as well as individualized student programs that will help get the student focused on careers and post-secondary endeavors.  We want to make sure the family is on the Right Path!